Release 4.1

Again a big change in BikeNode. This time the game changer is that the main source of the routes now is instead of There are two reasons for making this switch: 1) The coverage is worldwide instead of The Netherlands and Belgium only and 2) is updated daily while was not updated already for some years. This leads to a more and more outdated cycling network.

Because the coverage now is worldwide, my primary communication language also is changed from Dutch to English (as you can read).

As a side effect I also made the following changes:

  • Enable switching between the main layout (= road cycling routes) and MTB routes
  • Have a possibility to still show the old bike node (fietsknooppunten) network in The Netherlands and Belgium
  • Introduction of the setting ‘Old nodes instead of MTB’
  • Adding ‘Terrain’ as base map option

Have fun with the update.

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